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Jude McKenna, born in the 1960s, trained as a mature student at Cheltenham College of Art, gaining a BA in Fine Art in 2000. She lives in the Cotswolds, choosing to work in the tradition of landscape painting. The abstracted oil paintings are concerned with the elements, with atmosphere, with evolving, glimmering, shifting, ever changing light, showers and mists, stillness and breezes.

The work is a celebration of the beauty of landscape, an attempt to capture a moment in time that can be lost or changed at any moment as the light shifts, as the sun disappears, as the wind alters the clouds in the blink of an eye. Each piece is a journey, many months long, of repeated layering and obliteration, layering and scraping, until finally relinquished to engage the viewer in a space for inner reflection, escapism and contemplation.